Five random facts

So, guisch73 tagged me for this 5 random facts thing that I, like him, already did a while back, though, unlike him, I did not search for it and link to it. So, here goes.

1. So far this year I met 3 fellow Tumblrs, am about to meet another this weekend, and then another next month, around Halloween. Very cool.
2. I do not have an imagination, but I do see the world very differently, and am very connected to that worldview. A couple of decades ago, I was told by a very good, insightful friend that I have one foot in sanity and one in insanity, balancing between the two. He was right, since my family does have a history of mental illness on both sides, though from different causes. In essence I am a perfect cocktail for all kinds of crazy, but for some reason I tap into it and somehow balance. Now, in my later years, I am balancing more frequently and feeling a great love for both my sanity and insanity, therefore getting them to work together. Kinda cool.
3. So far this year I have gone to the movies about 15 times, which is more than I went to the movies over the last 10 years (twice a year). Have not seen a stinker yet, though The Giver came close. Way too pretentiously obvious. The same topic has been handled before with way more finess.
4. It is over two years since I cut myself off from TV, both cable and free, transmitted over the air programming. I do watch a few series and other TV stuff, but on the Web.
5. I am getting a new computer later this year, going back to PC format. Probably getting a Lenovo Yoga 13.

So, like dear @adventuresofalgy, I am going to cheat and tag all my followers and all the fine folks on Tumblr, since I too find y’all fascinating.