Excuse me aims to present a selection of lesser known and seen photographs and art, from the world of tumblr.

I  thought it a good time to remind people that we accept submissions and try to reblog 1-2 submissions  a day.

Apologies to those that have seen this post or a variation of it, previously .

'Excuse me…..' aims to share images that have not had the wider audience that we feel they deserve (very subjective we know). This usually means that the images have under 100 likes or shares and generally have not yet been reblogged elsewhere.

There are so many fantastic photographers and artists on tumblr who have great work that is seen by but a handful of people (perhaps I am referring to you and your work?). We hope to help raise their profile and bring them to the attention of others. A few of the images we have shared, have been reblogged by the other bigger tumblrs, which has been great to see.

We are sometimes a little left of center and are always diverse in our selections. From landscapes to streetscapes, from street photography to portraiture, experimental work, iphoneography, lomo and more. A blog that I think  is a fine companion to the many other wonderful sharing tumblrs out there.

We welcome submissions and hope that you may drop in from time to time to see what we have shared.

kind regards

Matthew and Nur

Entered the High Country Photo Contest

I entered People (3), Wildlife, (2) and Landscapes (3). I could have entered more photos for Wildlife, but I think my family and friends might object.

Note: I am Fernando Socorro, and textless (Amadee Ricketts) and inlandwest (James Orndorff) also entered in all three categories. The voting begins Sept. 01 through Sept. 15 @ midnight, PDT. Please take a look and vote. These two are good. Dammed good.  I am not bad, either. :-)

And yes, I will remind y’all again.


Keep kicking ass.

As always,




A big thank you to mycreativevoid for originally sharing that this documentary would premiere this week on PBS. For those of you who do not have cable/good reception (I gave up on both about two years ago and now just watch DVDs on my TV) and those of you abroad, here is the full documentary, available online via the PBS American Master Website, which also has plenty of content about her. 

Oy. Well, a photographic oy, but still an oy. Oy.

Going through my posts, looking for some photos, I noticed that some of my pictures have garnered quite a few notes over time. I am very grateful, since it tells me that my photography is improving and I am, somehow, tapping into appreciated mainstream visual styles while following, fulfilling “my own” vision. I put my own in quotes because I realize that my own photographic standpoint is influenced by the mainstream; whether I reject or embrace commonly accepted ways of seeing, it is still a reaction to the mainstream, so therefore influenced by it. Yet, in the end, the very fact that my visual standpoint is somehow tapping into a broader current zeitgeist makes




I swooned.
I swooned because I realize my own standpoint is greatly influenced by the treasure trove of images and narratives and support y’all share willingly, and I have.


I can only smile and swoon and be grateful, soak it all in and hopefully repay y’all in kind, hopefully inspire others. Even if I inspire one person I do not know and who is not one of my steadies, even if I never know about it, it makes all my self-doubt and rethinking and all the “I so fucking suck at this that I am never taking another fucking picture again” so very fucking worth it. (Y’all knew I had to drop a least one F-bomb, right?) And yes, I am less and less prone to lapse into that vortex of angst (just for you, graficzny) because of y’all’s (and I mean all original Tumblr photographers) inspiration, but still, it does happen, and I suppose always will, to some extent. And perhaps that angst is a good thing, a form of internal inventory and balancing that makes certain I do not take myself too seriously and do not get self-satisfied and therefore lapse into complacency.

Then there is another possibility, which I admit scares the shit outta me. What if my standpoint is somehow even remotely unique and is somehow shaping the current zeitgeist, or, shudder to think, shaping a new one? And this also goes for the other Tumblr photographers’ images I promote via LuxLit. As an amateur curator of sorts, am I somehow helping shape the way we see photography, what we think is a “good” photograph? Am I, in some small way, an arbiter of what is good photography? Are we, all of us who reblog and highlight original photographers’ work, quietly shaping how such images are seen? Are we quietly shaping how photography is seen? Are we, even those of who curate but do not produce photographs, quietly shaping photography as an art form?

Are we quietly shaping a photographic revolution?

Heavy. (Oy. Talk about throwback, I never uttered the term “heavy” when it was au courant, so I have no fucking idea why I thought of it now, but still…)

Well, just thought I would share.

Y’all, steadies and not, ya’ll kick ass.

Keep kicking ass.

As always,




The best magazine about the west, High Country News, is having another photo contest:

The High Country News photo contest is seeking new takes on familiar subjects. We’d like to see your approach to the modern American West. Photographs should highlight the unique qualities of the West as it stands today – its new communities, resources, economies and geographies.

                      People - Landscape - Wildlife

……….. go enter your photos (I did and I am making textless do it too!)

Voting starts September 1st!